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  • KP Industries' Mission is to be a leader in the oil and gas industry.
  • We strive to produce all of our products to the highest quality for our customers.
  • We continue to  be an industry leader in safety, quality and customer satisfaction.

  • We believe in the old-fashioned notion that these ideals along with a happy employment structure and a positive work environment will continue to portray that we truly are a leader in the oil and gas industry.


  • KP Industries takes pride in the principles that have led to success, responding to our client's needs, maintaining a strong work ethics, and staying abreast of the cutting edge in construction technologies and methods.

Scheduling & Fast Track Capabilities


  • Careful and  detailed planning is a key component to completing our projects and producing our products on time.

The management team at KP Industries has never failed to meet a required schedule deadline. KP Industries  has  ability  to complete large volume projects quickly and efficiently.

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